UltraThin Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Product Info

Quick Facts

  • Thinnest Eyeliner brush in the world at 0.00876mm
  • Provides the thinnest, most precise line, allowing unparalled versatility
  • Water proof formula won’t smear
  • Smudge proof and fade proof wear lasts all day
  • Comes in black
  • Retails for $26 USD / $30 CAD / £21.50 / €25

Sales Pitch

Ultrathin Eyeliner

blinc is proud to introduce its latest innovation in liquid liners with the blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen. This remarkable new eyeliner boasts a brush of only 0.00876mm, the most precise brush available in the cosmetics industry! This allows it to provide the thinnest, most exact line possible, allowing for unparalleled versatility. blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen cannot fade, smudge or run, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

It glides on smoothly and the ultra fine brush provides for extreme accuracy, allowing you to create virtually any look you desire, from a thin classic line, to dramatic, winged looks. blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen is unique in that it features a brush so thin that it allows you to add intense black color as close to your upper and lower lash line as possible!
blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen water proof, smudge proof and fade proof. It will take you through your busy day and easily into the night with no need to reapply. Only when you are ready, blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen can easily be removed with a swipe of gentle makeup remover.

blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen comes in black.


Are the products Vegan?


Do the products contain Gluten (grain of any kind)?


Does the eyeliner have a thin actual brush to apply with or is it a felt tip?

blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen has an actual brush that is 0.00876mm, the thinnest brush available in the cosmetics industry.

Can I put blinc Eyeliner on the inner rim of my eyelid?

Yes! Unlike many liquid eyeliners, blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner can be applied to the inner rim of your eye or alternatively, can be applied between bottom lashes for a full, natural look.

Does blinc Eyeliner have animal by-products?

No, blinc Eyeliner does not have any animal by-products.

How do I create a wide-eyed, radiant look?

Gently pull the lid skin taunt towards your ear and start at the inner part of the lid, draw a think line smoothly and evenly along the upper lid, getting as close to the lashes as possible. Make sure to apply your blinc Eyeliner all the way to the corner of your eyes for the full effect. You can also try drawing three dashes. One at the inner corner, one in the middle of the lashes line and another at the outer corner and the connecting the dashes.

How do I remove my Ultrathin eyeliner?

Use any gentle makeup remover to remove, only when you are ready.

Is the packaging recyclable?

1.) The new aluminum screw-top cylinder is reusable. We encourage consumers to hang onto the screw-top aluminum container and use it as a storage device in their purse or makeup bag for items such as tweezers, liner pencils, brow pencils, bobby pins, or anything else that fits and helps organize the inside of a purse.
2.) The new screw-top cylinder is made of aluminum and is thus recyclable. We encourage those clients who choose to discard the cylinder to discard them in the appropriate recycling bins. Please note the recycling symbol which appears on our packaging.

Product Care

  • Unopened shelf life is 2 years
  • Seal the product immediately after use
  • To repair clogging or brush hair splitting, stand liner with bottom up for at least 5 minutes