Eyebrow Pencil

Product Info

Quick Facts

  • Extra precise and controlled lining
  • Rich color pay-off
  • Easy to blend
  • Expert shaping with included spoolie brush (on one end)
  • Waterproof
  • Lasts all day (10 hours & more)
  • Smudge-proof
  • Perfect for both thin and thick brows
  • Brow enhancing and conditioning benefits
  • Dermatologically tested & approved
  • Vegan
  • Available in 3 natural colors– Blonde, Light Brunette, Dark Brunette
  • Retails for $24 USD / $30 CAD / £19.50 / €24

Sales Pitch

blinc Eyebrow Pencil

Frame, structure, and enhance your eyebrows with this multifunctional conditioning pencil. Attached brow brush expertly shapes brows while the precision tip provides ultimate control for filling and defining. This light yet pigment-packed, blendable formula will compliment any hair color or skin tone, while delivering smudgeproof all-day hold.

To use, Twist half a turn, only exposing tip slightly. Define the brow shape by penciling along with light feather strokes. Fill in and shape for a perfectly defined brow. Then, use the brow brush to blend or gently brush through the brow hairs to sweep them into place giving you a natural, polished look.

blinc Eyebrow Pencil comes in an array of natural-looking colors that complement most skin tones; Blonde, Light Brunette, and Dark Brunette.

Video Tutorial


– Can I use the brow mousse and brow pencil together?

The universal brow pencil can be used alone or with the eyebrow mousse if you’re looking for a little extra hold to tame those unruly brow hairs. We recommend using the clear eyebrow mousse with this smudge proof eyebrow pencil.

– Is the pencil better for some people while mousse better for others?

If so what determines this? OR should everyone have both in their makeup bags? Its all personal preference for the look of the brow, we recommend that everyone has both.

Product Care

  • Unopened shelf life is 31 months (minimum)
  • Period after opening: 24 months
  • For use on multiple clients, use a disinfectant spray before and after each client