Eye Shadow Primer

Product Info

Quick Facts

  • Fills in existing fine lines and conceals imperfections, creating a smooth, silky lid
  • ANY powder shadow can be applied over Eye Shadow Primer
  • Cannot crease, fade, run or smudge even if you sweat or wear it in harsh weather conditions
  • Color lasts all day while simultaneously providing anti-aging benefits
  • Easily removed with any gentle makeup remover
  • Available is two natural colors to match every skin tone – Light Tone and Flesh Tone
  • Retails for $26 USD / $30 CAD / £19.50 / €24

Sales Pitch

blinc Eye Shadow Primer

blinc’s Fountain of Youthful Color™ Eye Shadow Primer is the original eye shadow base invented to keep your shadow on as long as you want, while providing your skin with anti-aging benefits at the same time.

To apply, use the wand applicator to apply Primer evenly wherever eye shadow powder will be used, and let dry. Then apply ANY powder shadow that you wish to add unfading, crease-free color.

Once applied, blinc Eye Shadow Primer conceals and fills existing fine lines, providing a smooth lid for ease of powder shadow application. Then, any powder shadow can be applied to the primer base, for color that cannot crease, fade, smudge or run, even if you sweat or wear in harsh weather conditions! At the end of the day, blinc eye shadow primer is easily removed, only when you are ready, with any gentle makeup remover.

In addition to superior hold, blinc Eye Shadow Primer contains anti-aging ingredients that clinical studies have shown to decrease fine lines after just six weeks by 67% and increase skin’s moisture after just one week by 53%.

blinc Eye Shadow Primer comes in two natural-looking, skin tone colors that complement every complexion; Light Tone and Flesh Tone. Since it blends flawlessly into any skin tone, it will never change the look and color of your powder shadow.


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Contains Wheat Germ Oil

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Will blinc Eye Shadow Primer change the color of the powder shadow I wear on top of it?

No. blinc Eye Shadow Primer is available in 2 skin tone colors; Light Tone and Flesh Tone, to match every complexion and blend completely into your skin so that your powder shadow color remains true.

Do I have to wear a special eye shadow powder to get the ultimate staying power from Eye Shadow Primer?

Absolutely not! blinc Eye Shadow Primer was designed to provide ANY powder shadow with anti-aging, crease-free hold, so feel free to use any and all of your powder shadows on top.

How does blinc Eye Shadow Primer differ from other eye bases and primers I’ve seen?

blinc’s Eye Shadow Primer is unique in many ways. It not only provides any powder shadow with crease-proof hold, but it also fills in existing fine lines and conceals imperfections with its silky formula. It also provides anti-aging benefits, which no other base or primer does, allowing you to treat your skin at the same time!

Can I wear blinc Eye Shadow Primer when I work out?

Of course you can. blinc Eye Shadow Primer provides a water-resistant base for your powder shadow, so it can withstand sweaty workouts with ease. Feel free to wear to the gym, to your tennis match, yoga class or while you run. blinc Eye Shadow Primer won’t allow your powder shadow to crease or run and will leave you with beautifully colored lids long after your workout.

What ingredient allows blinc Eye Shadow Primer to treat my skin with anti-aging benefits?

blinc Eye Shadow Primer is unique because it is the ONLY eye shadow base to not only give you long-lasting hold, but anti-aging treatment at the same time. Hexapeptide-14 is an anti-aging peptide that helps moisturize the skin and provides age fighting treatment.

What if I wear it in extreme heat or cold?

blinc Eye Shadow Phase One was designed to give your powder shadow tenacious hold that cannot crease, fade, run or smudge even if you wear at the beach, in the snow or out in the rain!

I see that this is a moisturizing formula. Will this cause my shadow to crease or run?

No! The eye shadow primer contains an anti-aging peptide that over time increases skin’s moisture and helps to fill in any existing fine lines. The actual finished texture of the primer, however, is dry and silky smooth to the the touch, allowing your shadow to stay put all day. The increase in moisture will not make skin slick or oily, rather it helps to create that soft, final finish.

What should I use to remove blinc Eye Shadow Primer?

Only when you are ready, blinc Eye Shadow Primer is easily removed with any gentle makeup remover.

Product Care

  • Unopened shelf life is 2 years
  • About once a week we recommend that you use a slightly dampened q-tip to wipe around opening of the primer . This will prevent dried primer from forming on the outer rim of the container which can seal the tube shut, or pull out the rubber stopper. It is also important to make sure the product is closed tightly to prevent bacterial growth and oxygen from getting inside the tube.
  • It is recommended that you discard after 3 or 4 months to prevent bacterial growth